Thank you.

After much consideration, I have, reluctantly, decided to put a hold on the podcast to focus on my other business ventures and spend more time with my family.

This is not the end of The Freelance Web, it will continue as a blog and a curated collection of resources for web-based freelancers. I will be re-purposing much of the old content from the podcasts into value-packed blog posts, as well as taking contributions from others. And, who’s to say the podcast won’t return. One day? Maybe.

I’m continuing as a freelance web designer, plus starting two new ventures from scratch. So, I will no doubt have lots of stories and experience to share, and will continue to do that through this blog.

Liz and I had a great time producing the podcasts, and made many new friends within the industry. We’ve been overwhelmed with the following the show picked up very early on, and it meant the world to us. And, to be a finalist for Podcast of The Year in the 2014 Net Awards was the cherry on the cake.

Thank you all for your support.