The weekly podcast for freelancers working on the web, discussing the everyday ups and downs of freelancing, plus web industry news, reviews and interviews.

Hosted by Sean Johnson and Liz Elcoate.

054: Content with Lucie De Lacy

Published on Monday 8th December 2014

This week Sean talks to Lucie De Lacy, digital copywriter and co-host of Second Wednesday, about writing good content for the web.

053: Value Based Pricing

Published on Friday 7th November 2014

This week Sean and Liz discuss value based pricing, following Sean’s recent Net Magazine article on the topic.

Sean also made reference to this episode of Bottom as a joke about Liz being his assistant:

052: Geek Mental Help Week

Published on Friday 31st October 2014

As part of Geek Mental Help Week, Liz chats to Cole Henley discussing mental health issues within the web industry.

051: Chat with Rachel Shillcock

Published on Friday 24th October 2014

This week, Sean speaks to Rachel Shillcock to discuss her recent blog post about 2 years freelancing.

050: Getting better quality leads

Published on Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Liz & Sean discuss how a/b testing and benefits-focused copy have improved the number and quality of leads from Sean’s website.

048: Chat with Stu Robson

Published on Tuesday 16th September 2014

This week Sean chats with freelance front-end developer and Sass evangelist, Stu Robson, about working from home, standing desks, learning Sass and more.

047: Chat with Chris Allwood

Published on Tuesday 9th September 2014

Sean chats with digital designer & co-organiser of Nottingham’s monthly meet-up Second Wednesday, Chris Allwood, about how he got started, organising meet-ups and more.

046: Chat with Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

Published on Wednesday 3rd September 2014

This week Sean chats with all-round freelance good guy Luke Murphy-Wearmouth about getting work, getting paid, job titles and public speaking.

045: Starting from Scratch

Published on Friday 8th August 2014

Liz and Sean discuss starting from scratch and finding work without a portfolio to show.

044: Contracts (Revisited)

Published on Thursday 31st July 2014

Liz & Sean go over Sean’s recently amended project terms and conditions, discussing clauses which should help you get paid on time and deal with constant rounds of revisions.

Thank you to @anna_debenham & @malarkey for sharing theirs, from which I’ve taken bits to improve mine.

042: Mo’ Money Problems!

Published on Friday 27th June 2014

We’re back!

Sean and Liz discuss their short break, problems getting paid and finding the value in what we do.

040: Dealing with Procrastination

Published on Thursday 1st May 2014

After a short break, Liz and Sean are back talking a little more about depression, finding focus and dealing with procrastination

039: Chat with Mat Newton

Published on Thursday 3rd April 2014

Sean chats with Web Agency Podcast host Mat Newton about SEO, virtual assistants, location independence and the ideal week.

038: Chat with Joel Hughes

Published on Friday 28th March 2014

This week Sean talks to Wales based web designer and conference organiser Joel Hughes

037: Questions & Answers

Published on Friday 21st March 2014

Sean and Liz take time out to answer some listeners’ questions

035: Recommended Reading

Published on Friday 21st February 2014

Liz & Sean share the books they’ve found particularly useful since going freelance.

034: CRM Tools & Sales

Published on Friday 14th February 2014

This week Sean & Liz discuss CRM tools and their sales process.

033: Freelancer’s Toolkit Part 3

Published on Friday 7th February 2014

Sean & Liz talk about the online resources they use in the final part of their freelancer’s toolkit discussion.

032: Catch Up Chat

Published on Friday 31st January 2014

In place of the planned show, Sean & Liz have an impromptu chat about what they’ve been up to, the Net Awards, conferences, job titles and more.

030: Freelancer’s Toolkit Part 1

Published on Friday 17th January 2014

Sean & Liz discuss the tools they use everyday as freelancers.

Part 1: Communication, accounting and project management.

029: Just Do It

Published on Friday 10th January 2014

In the first show of the new year, Sean & Liz discuss their plans for the next few months and how you should just make a start on something and see where it takes you.

028: Xmas Xover with Keir Whittaker

Published on Tuesday 17th December 2013

This week, as part of the British Webby Podcasts’ Christmas Crossover, Sean talks to the host of The Back to Front Show, Keir Whittaker.

026: Chat with Rachel Shillcock

Published on Friday 6th December 2013

This week Sean speaks to Manchester based freelance designer, and host of the Beyond Ink podcast, Rachel Shillcock, to discuss pricing, speaking and sharing knowledge.

025: Process

Published on Wednesday 4th December 2013

This week Liz & Sean discuss their working process and the idea of traveling and working anywhere in the world.

024: Personal Branding

Published on Friday 22nd November 2013

Sean & Liz finish off their discussion on specialising vs generalising, and discuss personal branding and positioning.

023: What We’ve Learned

Published on Thursday 14th November 2013

This week Liz & Sean follow on from last week’s show about being a jack of all trades, and revisit some previous topics to discuss what they’ve changed in how they work.

021: Work / Life Balance

Published on Friday 18th October 2013

Sean and Liz discuss balancing life with work and how blurred the line can be between the two.

019: Chat with Richard Wiggins

Published on Friday 4th October 2013

This week Sean interviews Milton Keynes based web designer and co-founder of MK Geek Night, Richard Wiggins.

018: Getting Into Freelancing

Published on Friday 27th September 2013

Sean & Liz discuss how to get into freelancing and that you don’t always have to follow ‘the good advice.’

017: Chat with Dan Edwards

Published on Friday 20th September 2013

This week Sean interviews .net magazine’s Young Designer of the Year 2013 award winner Dan Edwards and finds out how he got started, what he does to find work and more.

016: Keeping Up & Learning

Published on Friday 13th September 2013

This week Sean and Liz discuss what they do to learn new skills and keep up with the latest trends and techniques.

015: Chat with Tim Craft

Published on Friday 6th September 2013

Liz interviews York based freelance developer Tim Craft and discuss focusing your time, working 4 hour days and value pricing.

014: Inspiration

Published on Friday 30th August 2013

Following on from last week’s show Liz & Sean discuss what inspires them.

013: Creativity

Published on Friday 23rd August 2013

This week Liz and Sean discuss dealing with creative block and how to get those creative juices flowing.

012: Side Projects

Published on Friday 16th August 2013

Sean and Liz discuss how side projects can bring in extra income and become your full-time job.

011: Working Less & Charging More

Published on Friday 9th August 2013

Back from their summer holidays, Sean & Liz discuss things they’ve learned from the first ten episodes, changes they’ve made to how they work and the idea of working less, but charging more.

010: Chat with Ryan Taylor

Published on Friday 2nd August 2013

In our extended summer special, Liz talks to Leeds based web designer and front-end developer Ryan Taylor about his experiences of freelancing and introduces us to the idea of value-based pricing.

009: Chat with Mike Ellis

Published on Friday 26th July 2013

Sean interviews Devon based freelance web guy Mike Ellis about his “Freelance tips, two years in” blog post.

008: Contracts

Published on Friday 19th July 2013

On this week’s show Liz & Sean talk about the importance of having a contract on every project you work on.

007: Chat with Cole Henley

Published on Thursday 11th July 2013

This week Sean talks to Cole Henley about why he started his freelance rates survey, how he ended up as a freelancer working on the web and why he’s decide to return to full-time employment.

006: Getting Paid

Published on Thursday 4th July 2013

Following on from last week, Sean and Liz talking about payment schedules and getting paid.

005: Pricing

Published on Friday 28th June 2013

This week Liz and Sean discuss pricing — Are you charging too much? Are you charging enough? What’s everyone else charging?